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What Does Maritime Law Cover?

The word ‘maritime’ means ‘connected with the sea’.

Maritime law is the body of law dealing with such matters as marine commerce, navigation, shipping, sailors, transportation of passengers and goods by sea and other marine affairs.

However, maritime matters are not restricted to matters that actually occur at sea. Many activities (especially commercial matters), although land based or occurring wholly on land, are maritime in character.

Outside the special field of prize in times of hostilities there is ‘no maritime law of the world’. However there are a significant number of multilateral treaties dealing with a variety of maritime issues and a number of international bodies involved in the development of international maritime law.

What Does Admiralty Law Cover?

Admiralty jurisdiction deals with the right of action in any person who suffers an injury to his or her person or property caused by the maritime fault of the owner or operator of a ship. The jurisdiction is civil only, criminal and prize jurisdiction being outside its ambit.

International Maritime Bodies

International Maritime Organisation
The International Maritime Organisation has its headquarters in London. Its functions are consultative and advisory and extend to drafting conventions and agreements in the field of governmental regulation and practices on technical matters affecting shipping engaged in international trade and in the areas of maritime safety and marine pollution prevention. Membership is open to all states.

Comité Maritime International
The Comité Maritime International (the ‘CMI’) was established in 1897 and is a non-governmental organisation whose object is to contribute to the unification of maritime and commercial law, maritime customs usages and practices. Membership is open to individuals and to national or multinational associations of maritime law. The CMI has its headquarters in Belgium.

United Nations Commission on International Trade Law
The United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (‘UNCITRAL’) was established in 1966 and has as its object the progressive harmonisation and unification of international trade law. UNCITRAL’s membership consists of 29 elected states. It meets each year alternately in New York and Geneva.

Maritime Law Journals

* American Maritime Cases (Baltimore)
* European Transport Law (Antwerp)
* Il Diritto Maritimo
* Il Diritto Marittimo (Genova, Italy)
* International journal of marine and coastal law
* International Journal of Shipping Law
* International maritime and commercial law yearbook
* International organizations and the Law of the Sea
* Journal of maritime law and commerce (
* Law Of The Sea Bulletin
* Lloyd's Law Reports (London)
* Lloyd's maritime and commercial law quarterly
* Louisiana Coastal Law
* Loyola Maritime Law Journal (Loyola University, New Orleans)
* Maritime Law Reporter
* Naval Law Review
* New York Sea Grant Law and Policy Journal
* Ocean and Coastal Law Journal (University of Maine School of Law, Portland)
* Ocean development and international law
* Proceedings of the annual conference of the Law of the Sea Institute
* Revue juridique Neptunus (Maritime and Oceanic Law Center, University of Nantes)
* Shipping & Transport Lawyer (
* Shipping and trade law
* The Journal of International Maritime Law
* Transportation Law Journal (Sturm College of Law, University of Denver)
* Tulane Maritime Law Journal
* University of San Francisco Maritime Law Journal (

Glossary Of Maritime Law Terms

Free glossary of maritime and admirality terms by William Tetley, Q.C - McGill University

Maritime Glossary - Maritime Dictionary

Maritime-law > Dictionaries and directories

* Dictionary of shipping terms
* Eric Sullivan's marine encyclopaedic dictionary
* Lloyd's maritime directory

Maritime Loose-leaf Services

Loose-leaf services are publications housed in binders, that are updated by filing pages with new information as sent by the publisher.
They incorporate relevant legislation, cases, and commentary.

* Marine environment law
* Marine pollution and the law of the sea

Transport Law Journals

Transport Law Books

Transportation Law - by Rui M. Fernandes (Hardcover - April 1, 2000)

International encyclopaedia of laws. Transport law / general editor, R. Blanpain; editor, M. Huybrechts.
The Hague : Kluwer Law International, c1994-

Meaning Of ‘prize’ Jurisdiction

The meaning of ‘prize’ - Prize jurisdiction arises for exercise during time of war. A court having jurisdiction in prize is invested with authority to take cognisance of, and judicially proceed in, matters of prize.

The word ‘prize’ means maritime capture effected by maritime force only. What a land force takes by itself is not prize but booty.

International Maritime Agreements

Maritime safety

Liability and compensation


Maritime Liens And Ship Mortgages

Collision And Maritime Casualty

Limitation Of Liability


Marine pollution


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