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Maritime Books - Published 1986

Australia. Dept. of Transport. (1986). Liner shipping report: an industry task force review of Australia's overseas liner shipping legislation. Canberra, Australian Government Publishing Service.

Bennett, T. W. and University of Cape Town. Faculty of Law. (1986). The law of the sea: being a series of articles first published in ACTA JURIDICA 1986. Cape Town, Juta & Co.

Centre national de la recherche scientifique (France). Laboratoire associé d'histoire maritime. and Université francophone d'été Saintonge-Québec. (1986). Rochefort et la mer. Jonzac, Université francophone d'été.

Devine, D. J. (1986). Southern Africa and the law of the sea: problems common, uncommon and unique. Cape Town, University of Cape Town.

Dick, H. W. (1986). The Indonesian Interisland shipping industry: an analysis of competition and regulation. Singapore, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies.

Griggs, P. and R. Williams (1986). Limitation of liability for maritime claims. London, Lloyd's.

Kindt, J. W. (1986). Marine pollution and the law of the sea. Buffalo, N.Y, W.S. Hein.

Koh, P. S. K. (1986). Carriage of goods by sea. Singapore, Butterworths.

Kolodkin, A. L. (1986). Konventsiia OON po morskomu pravu i mezhdunarodnoe sudokhodstvo: sbornik nauchnykh trudov. Moskva, "Transport".

Moore, J. N., University of Virginia. Center for Oceans Law and Policy., et al. (1986). International and United States documents on oceans law and policy. Buffalo, N.Y, W.S. Hein.

Movchan, A. P. and A. ëIìAnkov (1986). Osnovy sovremennogo pravoporëiìadka v Mirovom okeane. Moskva, Nauka.

Pontecorvo, G. (1986). The New order of the oceans: the advent of a managed environment. New York, Columbia University Press.

Price, R. and A. Haberbeck (1986). The maritime laws of the Arabian Gulf Cooperation Council States. London; Assinippi Park, Norwell, MA, Graham & Trotman.

Sanger, C. (1986). Ordering the oceans: the making of the law of the sea. London, Zed.

South Pacific Bureau for Economic Cooperation. (1986). South Pacific maritime code. Suva, Fiji, South Pacific Bureau for Economic Co-operation.

Tan, L. M. (1986). The law in Singapore on carriage of goods by sea. Singapore, Malayan Law Journal.

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