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Maritime Books - Published 1991

Arroyo, I. (1991). International maritime conventions. Deventer the Netherlands; Boston, Kluwer Law and Taxation Publishers.

Bundala, Z. A. (1991). The rights of land-locked states in the law of the sea: v, 100 leaves.

Clough, M. and F. Randolph (1991). Shipping and EC competition law. London, Butterworths.

Eteuati, K., United Nations Environment Programme., et al. (1991). The law of the sea and the South Pacific. Nairobi, Programme Activity Centre for Oceans and Coastal Areas of the United Nations Environment Programme.

Freestone, D. and T. Ijlstra (1991). The North Sea: basic legal documents on regional environmental co-operation. Dordrecht; Boston

Norwell, MA, U.S.A, Graham & Trotman/M. Nijhoff.

Gold, E. and Oceans Institute of Canada. (1991). Maritime affairs: a world handbook: a reference guide for modern ocean policy and management. Harlow, Longman Current Affairs.

Grime, R. P. (1991). Shipping law. London, Sweet & Maxwell.

Kimber, R. (1991). A canoeist's sketchbook. Camden, Me., Countrysport Press.

Knight, G., H. Chiu, et al. (1991). The international law of the sea: cases, documents, and readings. London; New York

Pleasantville, N.Y.

New York, NY, Elsevier Applied Science;

UNIFO Publishers;

Sole distributor in the USA and Canada Elsevier Science Pub. Co.

Mankabady, S. and International Maritime Organization. (1991). International shipping law. London, Euromoney Publishing.

Open University. Oceanography Course Team. (1991). Case studies in oceanography and marine affairs. Oxford; New York, Pergamon Press in association with the Open University Walton Hall Milton Keynes England.

Rodwell, J. S., Nature Conservancy Council (Great Britain), et al. (1991). British plant communities. Cambridge [England]; New York, Cambridge University Press.

Sirks, A. J. B. (1991). Food for Rome: the legal structure of the transportation and processing of supplies for the imperial distributions in Rome and Constantinople. Amsterdam, Gieben.

United Nations. Office for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea. (1991). The Law of the sea: a bibliography on the law of the sea 1968-1988: two decades of law-making, state practice and doctrine. New York, United Nations.

Valencia, M. J. (1991). Malaysia and the law of the sea: the foreign policy issues, the options, and their implications. Malaysia, Institute of Strategic and International Studies Malaysia.

Wang, J. C. F. (1991). Ocean politics and law: an annotated bibliography. New York, Greenwood Press.

White, M. W. D. and Bond University (Gold Coast Qld.). School of Law. (1991). Australian maritime law. Leichhardt, NSW, Federation Press.

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